Weight Gain in India – An Overview


When you’re underweight, large portions of high calorie foods help you pack on the pounds. You cannot just eat junk foods, though, if you desire to stay healthy. Even thin people can acquire fitness problems caused by eating too many sugary foods & unhealthy fats. Indian cuisine is often built up with whole foods & has lots of vegetarian options, so you can create nutrient-dense choices that will help you healthfully reach a higher weight.

Add Snacks & Increase Portions

Add 250 to 500 calories per day above what you burn to gain approximately one-half to 1 pound per week. This might mean a more snack or two per day or increasing serving sizes at meals. Reach for opaque fruits, such as papaya, avocado, bananas, pears & pineapples. Dried fruits, such as banana or jackfruit chips, & canned fruit with syrup, such as the preserve murabba, are other good snack foods for weight increase. Have mewa, a trail-mix concoction of nuts & dried fruits, stashed in your backpack or purse for simple snacking, too. When you increase serving sizes at meals, focus on eating extra of the calorie-dense foods such as naan, grilled meats & starchy vegetables.

Boost Calorie Content

If eating more food is overwhelming to your appetite or schedule, growth the calorie content of the food you currently eat. For example, liberally utilization ghee, a clarified butter, when preparing dishes or add raw cashews or almonds to a curry. When produce homemade roti, utilize durum flour which has more calories than normal white flour. You could also add ground nuts, buckwheat or sign seeds to the dough. Utilization chickpeas or soybeans as your bean of choice in vegetarian curries because these have more calories per serving than other types. Add dried fruits & nuts to brown basmati rice to increase the calorie content.

Drink Your Calories

A mango lassi, a cross between a milkshake & a smoothie made with yogurt, mangos & honey, is a tasty way to nutritiously boost your calorie intake. You be able to make a masala chai tea drink with cream & honey or drink nut milks instead of water for a calorie boost too. Avoid drinking these along with your food, though, or you risk becoming too full to eat your food.

Vegetarian Concerns

Much Indian cuisine is vegetarian; given that about 300,000 groups in India follow this dietary restriction, according to a 2012 report from National Public Radio. You can successfully increase weight using vegetarian foods, accompanied vegetable curries, yogurt sauces & paneer — a type of cheese — dishes. Add dry milk powder to curries or yogurt to increase the calorie content. A vegetarian diet isn’t personally a healthy way to gain weight, though. You could simply gorge on samosas, fried pockets filled with potatoes & peas, or pakora, fried vegetables, & take in too much unhealthy Trans or saturated fat.


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