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To get big one must eat big. The human body cannot grow without an excess of calories. Skinny trainers have to be eating, eating, eating & eating some more. No ifs, ands or buts. No eating big = no getting big.

What to eat :

Here are 3 macronutrients that make up all the food we eat.

1) Protein – Protein is what builds muscle. Without protein you cannot increase muscle. Not just any protein either. Animal protein is how one gets big. Green goods proteins do not have the necessary amino acid profile to be utilized fully by the human body. This is one cause vegetarians look so pathetic & skinny. One cannot be healthy, fit or strong without animal protein.

Protein sources :

Beef, Eggs, Tuna, Fish, Pork, Chicken, Lamb, Cottage Cheese

2) Fats – Fats are essential to getting big & muscular. Eating fat does not make you fat. Fat is ESSENTIAL for a normal trainer because fat builds our testosterone levels. Don’t eat fat + don’t take steroids = don’t get jacked. Steroid trainers don’t eat fat since they don’t need to build natural testosterone.

When you see copies of their diet in muscle magazines what they never tell you is the insane amount of muscle building drugs they use. A natural trainer should eat fats. Vegetable fats like vegetable oil are junk. To build testosterone you necessity saturated animal fat.

Fats :

Whole Eggs, Meats with the fat, Milk, Cottage Cheese, Butterfat

3) Carbohydrates – Carbohydrates are a must for getting big. Carbohydrates provide power, they send water to the muscles, & they’re an easy way to consume more calories. You cannot get big without eating carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates :

Rice, Beans, Oatmeal, Bread, Fruits, Green goods, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes

When to eat & how much to eat :

When trying to get big one must eat 4-6 meals smaller meals per day. A meal ought to be eaten every 3 hours. A skinny trainer ought to be eating all the time. You ought to eat protein with every meal. If there is no protein it isn’t a meal. A meal can be protein + fat, protein + carbohydrates, or protein + fats + carbohydrates but protein MUST be there.

Pick your favorite foods to eat. It really doesn’t issue what food it is as long as you get enough protein, fats & carbohydrates. Just eat & eat & eat.

3 solid meals should be consumed each day. More solid meals are able to consume if the trainer has the stomach for it. Liquid meals are able to replace meals 4-6 if the trainer so desires.

A liquid meal can consist of :

Protein Shakes: Protein shakes are advertised in the bodybuilding world as the end-all/be-all of bodybuilding. Well, they aren’t. Protein shakes are just a way to get additional calories & protein into your system to acquire big. Protein shakes will not make you look like the guys in the magazines but they will give you additional calories to get bigger.

Meal Replacement Shakes / Protein bars: See above. An easy way to acquire in some extra calories if you’re on the run or don’t have the appetite to eat.

Liver Tabs : Liver tabs are liver in pill form. They’re a kick-ass way to acquire quality protein without having to eat liver. You can just swallow these pills & watch your strength & endurance go up.

Homemade protein shakes / homemade weight gaining shakes: Homemade shakes are a fantastic way to get in a bunch of extra calories in an easy to drink formula. Just concerning anything can be put into a blender, blended & enjoyed in between meals. Homemade shakes are able to include: protein powder, peanut butter, apple, berries, raw eggs, ice, milk & any other food you wish to add. Pro bodybuilders still blend cooked chicken & drink them to get in those extra protein calories.

Sample Meal Plan :

Meal #1) 6 eggs, banana, bowl of oatmeal

Meal #2) Protein shake or homemade shake or protein bar

Meal #3) Chicken, rice & beans

Meal #4) Protein shake or homemade shake or protein bar

Meal #5) Steak, Eggs, baked potatoes with butter

Meal #6) Cottage Cheese

Easy, low cost muscle gaining recipes :

Tuna : You can add BBQ sauce to tuna, heat it in the microwave & it tastes like brisket.

Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches are an easy & tasty way to get in extra calories.

Eat the fat. Don’t cut the fat off of your meats & eat butter. Add butter to baked potatoes & baked sweet potatoes.

You need those calories!

Things to remember :

Eat real foods – no Franken-foods like margarine, vegetable oils, or foods in boxes that never expire.

You must eat 4 times per day minimum & at least 3 of those meals must be solid meals. The more solid meals, it’s the superior.

You don’t need to over think it. Just eat from all 3 food groups. Your goal is to acquire BIG. If you eat your protein with each meal you will be getting enough protein – these are no additional reason to count calories or grams of protein.

Watch the scale & the mirror for progress. If the scale is not moving up, it’s your necessity to eat more.

Eat every 3 hours like clockwork.

Eat Real food previous to resorting to supplements.

Lifting BIG!

Natural trainers new to the iron game will make progress along the the same lines as steroid users. In the first 6 months a usual trainer can put on many, several muscular pounds.

A natural trainer can train 4-6 days a week & make brilliant progress. There is a lot of baloney floating around about “overtraining”.

It is the view of BOLD & DETERMINED that whiners who talk about “overtraining” do so to have an excuse for having a poor physique.

New, natural trainers can handle an extreme amount of volume. You do not desire to waste your precious first two year’s cry-babying about overtraining. You need to be in the gym lifting & killing it all the time. Take advantage of the natural increase hormone your body will produce when you start weight training.

How to Start Weight Training :

Anyone wanting to start getting in the gym & turning into a man will at minimum need to be able to perform simple bodyweight exercises like pushups, setups, body squats & pull-ups.

If a trainer cannot perform 5-10 pushups, at least one or two pull-ups, 10 body squats & 10 setups he has no business poignant weights. Work on these bodyweight exercises first & then get into the gym & lift some iron.

The Basics :

The basics are how you build a muscular body. The basics are how you build your fleshy foundation. The basics build strength. The basics must be done at first.

A natural trainer necessity to focus on multi-joint compound barbell exercises.

The basic exercises are :

Barbell Squat, Barbell Bench Push, Standing Barbell Overhead Press, Dead lift, Bent Over Rows, Barbell Curls, Pull-ups & Dips.

The first month or two in the gym ought to be used to learn & prefect proper technique of the basic exercises.

Basics build strength of the power, the tendons, the ligaments & strength of the mind.

Cardio :

A skinny, natural should not do cardio. For a skinny being trying to get big cardio is a waste of time.

Routines :

There are a lot of beginner routines floating around in magazines & on the internet. Routines are a excellent way for a new trainer to get started, but soon enough you will desire to develop your own routine & train on instinct.

A beginner can start with three days for each week in the gym.

Beginners should follow a routine like this :

Monday :Squats / 5 sets adding weight each set, Bench Press / 5 sets adding weight each set, Overhead Press / 5 sets adding weight each set, Pull-Ups / 3 sets of as many as you can do

Wednesday :Squats / 5 sets adding weight each set, Bench Press / 5 sets adding weight each set, Overhead Press / 5 sets adding weight each set, Pull-Ups / 3 sets of as many as you can do

Friday :Squats / 5 sets adding weight each set, Deadlift / 5 sets adding weight each set, Bench Press / 5 sets adding weight each set, Overhead Press / 5 sets adding weight each set, Pull-Ups / 3 sets of as many as you can do

Never be ashamed of the weight that you use. Most trainers start with baby weight & add weight as they get stronger. There is no shame in working to get powerful & better.

There was a time I was in the gym; I had only been training for some weeks. I was doing seated dumbbell overhead press with 28.5 lb dumbbells. That’s baby-weight, that’s even lower baby-weight, but I was struggling. For me, it may as well have been 100 lb dumbbells. I remember few girls staring at me the whole set. Other guys might have been extremely embarrassed at the baby weight being used; a lot of guys would have left the gym & never come back. I didn’t care. I saw her staring but I continual the set like it was life or death, my face contort with all kinds of stupid faces as I lifted baby weight. I thought to myself “Baby, you can stare all you want. I’m in here to do business & there isn’t anything that’s going to stop me”.

Never be ashamed of the weight you use. With time & practice that weight will go up & up & up, but we all have to start somewhere.

When you feel contented with these exercises you can add gym time as you see fit & do extra work where you see fit.


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