Protein Rich Diet for Weight Gain


Food with Proteins is good for weight gain. High protein diet for weight gain rules high to fulfill your dream of being a healthy, fit and strong individual. Protein Foods for Bodybuilding? High Protein Foods for Muscle Building? Many fellas believe high protein foods are just for muscle building. This is just half truth. Protein is do required to repair your muscle tissues which are damaged and thus help them grow but they are also important for building the metabolism and your overall health.

Protein rich Foods you should include in your Diet are as follows:

  • Eggs– One large egg has 6 grams of the protein. This high gram protein content per egg makes eggs an excellent source of protein for weight gain. Go for eggs for taking in high protein power.
  • Milk– One cup of milk contains on average 6 to 8 grams of protein. Besides proteins, it also contains fat (again good for your weight gain regime) and fat soluble vitamin like Vitamin D which makes your bones and joints strong.
  • Lentils– It gives around 13 grams of protein per one-fourth of cup serving. It gives you a wholesome of protein, fiber and minerals. Relish lentils by trying out different recipes for them.
  • Beef- This non vegetarian delight has a rich 13 gram in 85 gram of beef. It is a good option to pump good amount of proteins in your body.
  • Peanut Butter– Many people consider it a healthy butter due to its richness in protein content. Peanut butter is not in as much trend as almond butter, but it gives you an average of 8gm protein per 2 teaspoons serving. So try binging on peanut butter for some healthy weight gain.
  • Nuts– Almonds, cashew nuts and peanuts are the high protein rich nuts. Along with proteins, it gives you unsaturated fats – which are really good to put on healthy natural weight.
  • Homemade Protein Shakes– Protein shakes with fruits and added protein source like whey protein can give you mind blowing natural weight gain in a right way.
  • Tofu– One half cup of tofu gives you a appreciable amount of protein that is 10 grams. Tofu is made from soy milk. Enjoy slices of Tofu for breakfast when you want to try something new out of your old breakfast menu.
  • Wheat Germ– The wheat’s germ part is rich in protein. You get around 6 grams from 28 grams of wheat germ. Make pancakes, oatmeal and incorporate wheat germ in it. Relish and enjoy the protein power of wheat germ.
  • Green Peas– One cup serving of green peas gives you to 8 gram of protein. It is also rich source of fiber. Peas are a new hit in healthy natural weight gain regime.

This Ultimate list of High Protein Foods helps in improving your overall metabolism, balancing other components of balanced diet and gives you a healthy weight gain.


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