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Let me guess. You want to know how to gain weight quick, don’t you? Well, as a guy who used to be 5’11 120lbs, I know EXACTLY how you think.

While it seems like most people are interested in weight loss, there are actually TONS of men & women out there who have the opposite goal… weight increase. We are the ones who are either too skinny or underweight for our liking & need a proper weight gain diet to fix it.

In most cases, people like us want to know how to gain weight because we’re looking to build muscle. We might call it “gaining weight,” but what we’re really looking to increase here is muscle, not overweight. In other cases however, some people don’t care what that power is. Muscle, fat, or a combination of both… they just want to add ANY kind of weight to their body fast.

Well, whichever category you fit into, here now is a completely FREE guide (for men & women) that explains EXACTLY how to grow weight. Let’s begin…

How To Gain Weight: The 3 Simple Steps

While the concept of weight gain is really simple, actually making it happen (and happen properly) is hard for several people. Like I said before, I know this first offer. My genetics are that of the typical ectomorph, which is the “skinny body type” with the thin bone structure & super fast metabolism that makes gaining weight even harder.

However, I’ve still managed to gain weight just fine. How? Well, all it take are 3 simple steps..

  • Eat enough calories.
  • Get the rest of your diet right (protein, fat, carbs, supplements, etc.).
  • Use a proper workout routine.
  • In the most basic sense, that’s all it takes. Simple, isn’t it? All we require to do now is get each step now right. Here’s how…

Step 1 : Eat Enough Calories

Just like with any type of diet, the most vital part of all is always calories.

Yes, protein, fat & carbs all matter as do the types of foods you get each nutritious from. But, above all else, calories are BY FAR the most important aspect of a weight increase diet. Here’s why…

Basically, there is a certain number of calories that you need to eat each day in order to maintain your current weight. This is known as your calorie conserve level. If you eat fewer calories than this amount, you lose weight. However, conjecture what happens if you eat more calories than this amount?

You create what’s called a caloric surplus… & you gain weight.

So, if you want to know how to gain weight, you simply necessity to eat more calories than you’re currently eating. That’s honestly all it takes, & that’s honestly the one true requirement of a weight gain diet.

Which means, if you’re not gaining weight now (or in the future), the problem 100% of the time is that you just aren’t food enough. Simple as that.

How Many Calories Should I Eat Per Day?

This brings us to the most vital inquiry of all… how many calories do you need to eat per day for weight gain to happen as fast as it should?

To answer this question, you just necessity to figure out what your calorie maintenance level is & then eat more than that amount each day.

Since most people want the weight they gain to be muscle & NOT fat, this is the ideal amount of calories that I would recommend. Any less & you won’t be gaining anything. Any more & you’ll end up gaining way more fat than muscle.

So, whatever maintenance level the calculator estimated for you, just add 300-500 more to it & start eating that many calories each day from now on. For instance, if your estimated maintenance level was 2500 calories (just an example), you’d now start food between 2800-3000 calories per day.

If your calorie intake is indeed accurate, you should finish up gaining between 0.5-1 pounds for each week.

To make certain this is happening correctly, weigh yourself at least once per week (always first thing in the morning on an empty stomach) & make sure weight gain is taking place as fast as it should be.

If it is, then you’re perfect.

If you’re gaining power slower than you should be (or just not at all), you need to add an additional 300 calories to your weight gain diet & see what your weight does then.

If you’re gaining faster than you should be (which would mean too much fat is being gained), you need to reduce your calorie intake by 300 calories & see what your weight does then.

Whenever you end up gaining weight in that ideal range of 0.5-1 pound per week, you’re great. Keep eating that amount of calories.

Now, while most men & women who want to gain weight want that weight to be muscle instead of fat, there are some people who just want to know how to gain weight of any kind as fast as they can (even if it is fat).

In these rarer cases when you don’t care if you gain fat, muscle or both, a extra aggressive weight gain diet can be use. Specifically, eat 500-1000 additional calories per day (which would cause you to gain 1-2lbs per week).

However, since most of us desire to avoid gaining fat & only gain lean muscle instead, 300-500 extra calories per day is definitely the maximum I’d recommend for most people.

Step 2: The Rest of Your Weight Gain Fast

Now that your calorie intake is all figured out, you already know the large secret of how to gain weight… just eat more. That’s indeed the one & only thing you need to do.

Of course, you probably still have a bunch of questions about the rest of your weight gain diet. Let’s quickly cover them all correct now…

Eat enough protein. Specifically, eat between 0.8-1.2 gm of protein per pound of body heaviness. So, if you weigh 170lbs, you’d eat between 136-204 grams of protein per day. Common high protein diet includes chicken, fish, turkey, meat, eggs & of course protein supplements.

Eat enough fat, especially the essential fatty acids. About 25-30% of your calorie intake should come from fat, with the many of it coming from healthy sources like fish, nuts & olive oil. Even more importantly, make certain are getting enough of the Omega-3 fatty acid found mostly in fish oil supplements.

Get the rest of your calories from carbs. After you’re getting enough protein & fat, the rest of your diet will be comprised of carbs. The majority of your carb entry should come from natural, nutrient-rich foods like fruits & vegetables, brown rice, beans, potatoes, & most whole wheat/whole grain products. Of course, since weight increase is your goal, foods like white rice & pasta can be eaten as needed to reach your ideal calorie intake.

Don’t waste your money on useless supplements. No matter what they claim, 99% of supplements are pure crap. The only supplement that I’d recommend is Vetoll XL.

Eat a proper post workout meal. How you organize the meals in your weight gain diet is entirely up to your own preferences. However, the one vital tip worth mentioning is to eat a proper post workout meal… which is the meal directly after your workout.

Step 3 : A Proper Workout Routine

While a proper weight gain diet (specifically eating enough calories) is the only real requirement for how to gain weight, there is a second requirement that exists if you want to make sure the weight you gain is muscle & NOT just fat.

I’m of course talking about a proper heaviness training workout routine.

In order to get the best muscle building results possible, you MUST see the type of weight gain diet I just explained with a workout routine that is designed specifically for building muscle quickly & effectively. If you don’t, you’ll just gain fat.

If you don’t mind just gaining fat, then feel free to use the fast by itself without a workout routine. But if you want to build muscle & not just get fat, a proper workout usual is REQUIRED.

So, what is a proper muscle building workout common? Well, explaining all of that here would be way too much for one article.

So, for the full particulars of creating the best workout common, check out my articles about workout routines & how to build muscle.

Need a Weight Gain Program that’s Already Proved To Work BEST?

We’ve now covered the most important details of how to gain weight successfully. Men, women, young, old… it all applies now the same. Eat enough calories per day, make sure you’re gaining as fast as you should be, get the rest of your diet & workout routine right, & do it all consistently.

Now, it’s still possible that you’ll have some additional questions about designing the weight gain diet & muscle building workout that will work as effectively for you as possible. You might also just want some help doing it. Well, after nearly 10 years of people ask for it, I’ve finally created the solution.

It’s called The Ultimate Fat Loss & Muscle Building Guide, & in it I provide every additional answer, detail & fact you will ever need to get the best results as fast as possible. It contains the proven diet & workout system I’ve used to help countless men & women gain weight, build muscle & completely transform their bodies.


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