Immediate Postoperative Fluid Retention & Weight Gain After Shoulder Arthroscopy.


Abstract PURPOSE :

The primary purpose of this study was to determine the amount of weight gain immediately after shoulder arthroscopy. In addition, patient & surgical factors correlated with weight gain were analyzed. We hypothesized that there would be a valued increase in weight immediately after shoulder arthroscopy & that the amount of weight gain would correlate with a number of surgical factors.


Observational case series :,/p>

Fifty-three patients were enrolled in the study. There were 34 male & 19 female patients, with a mean age of 47.1 +/- 13.8 years. All patients were weighed before & after surgery using the same weight scale by the same observer. Weight gain was calculated & adjusted to account for the weight of the dressing & sling. Weight gain then was correlated to various clinical & surgical variables. Pearson connection coefficients, Student t tests, & stepwise regression were used to determine significant correlations between clinical & surgical variables & weight gain.


The mean amount of net weight gain was 8.7 +/- 3.9 lb (range, 0.8-18.8 lb), representing 4.6% +/- 2.1% of preoperative weight. The mean amount of weight increase attributable to arthroscopy fluid only was 4.2 +/- 3.8 lb (range, 0-14.5 lb), representing a gain of 2.2% +/- 2.0% of preoperative weight. The mean amount of intravenous fluid infused was 1,885 +/- 547 mL, & the mean amount of normal saline arthroscopy fluid used was 30 +/- 24 L. Surgical time, the amount of arthroscopy liquid, the size of the rotator cuff tear, the number of tendons besmeared, the presence of a subscapularis tear, the quantity of procedures performed, the concomitant perform of a subacromial decompression, the number of BioCorkscrew (Arthrex, Inc., Naples, FL) anchors used, & the total number of anchors used all correlated with increasing weight gain (all P < .05). A procedure of stepwise regression selection did not identify any quantitative parameters attributable to weight gain other than the earlier-described parameters. There were no important intra operative or post operative complications attributable to the amount of weight gain.


Weight gain immediately after shoulder arthroscopy is a general finding. Although no complications were seen in this group of patients, both patients & surgeons should be aware of this concern after shoulder arthroscopy & the potential complications related to it.


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