How to Put on Weight Fast Within a Small Span


I had been skinny my whole life. I later establish out they call people like me “Hard Gainers.”

My sophomore year of high school, I was 5 feet tall & weighed less than 140 lbs. I hit a huge increase spurt during my junior year, & by the time the year was done I was close to 6 feet tall…and I probably weighed 150 lbs.

Looking to bulk up, I began hitting up the gym three times a week. When I got to university, I enjoyed the All-You-Can-Eat freshman meal plan, worked out 3-4 days a week, & failed to put on more than 5 lbs. After four years of university, many different workout plans, & eating the right stuff (or so I thought), I had managed to get the entire pathway to 160 lbs! Woohoo!. I was immobile skinny as a rail.

After college, I moved out to San Diego, & really got serious about trying to build weakly muscle. I figured if I was going to spend all this time in the arena, I should be getting results out of it! I had a new workout plan, a new diet, & a new outlook on life. I very quickly learned that 80% of my problem revolved around the diet.

I simply wasn’t eating enough…all the protein shakes in the world couldn’t help me, because my metabolism burned via that protein before it could be used to build muscle. Because I was so active (running, surfing, basketball) my body never had enough nutrients to bulk up. Well, I made a conscious try to change my entire routine, & within 30 days, I managed to put on 18 lbs! (Now, I DO NOT recommend putting on heaviness this fast, it’s not healthy).

A good portion of the weight I put on was fat, meaning not all 18 pounds were 100% lean muscle. I would have certainly rather gained all muscle, but it’s really inevitable when trying to put on big amounts of weight in a short amount of time that some of the weight gained will be fat, which is all right. After four years in college of struggling to increase any weight, I was more than okay with a few pounds of fat along with muscle in this short time span.

For those of you looking to kick start your body into crazy increase, I’ll detail exactly what I did for a routine & diet. Please remember, the reason I can eat so much & only add muscle is because I’m one of those lucky (or unlucky) people blessed with the metabolism of a cheetah. This was accomplished three years ago, & since then I’ve become more knowledgeable. This is just a “diary” of sorts to what I did exactly to go from 162 lbs to 180 lbs in 30 days. Now that I’m older & wiser, I would recommend a healthier approach.


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