How to Gain Weight Naturally for Females


There are many ways to gain weight naturally. Every person should maintain healthy weight. Obesity and underweight can cause problems. Weight gain can be attained by only good eating habits and lifestyle. There are various reasons that cause underweight such as illness, unhealthy diet or lifestyle. Weight gain does mean that you should put extra weight. It means attain a healthy weight by good diet and healthy lifestyle. There are many pills in market which ensure fast weight gain. But such claim can prove very harmful for you. Always follow healthy ways to gain muscle mass fast.

The easy and effective method to increase body weight are as follows-

Eat Healthy Diet

It is basic requirement to gain weight naturally. Your food should healthy and rich. You should also follow healthy diet practices with the good food. Healthy diet practices to gain weight are as follows-

  • Always take food on Time. Unhealthy eating habits can cause various health problems.
  • Take healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Don’t skin meals
  • Take mini meals between various intervals.

You don’t need to follow any specific diet chart to gain weight. There are various foods you can add into your diet to put weight.


Drink milk daily. Take milk shakes like Banana, Mango etc. Milk builds muscles and provides energy to your body.


Take lots of fruits like Apple, Banana and all kinds of seasonal foods.

Dry Fruits

Eat dry fruits like cashew nuts, almonds, peanuts in your breakfast. Dry fruits are good source of energy and promotes good health.

Whole Grains

Take whole grains products like wheat, oats, rice etc. Must eat chappati daily. You can also eat dalia to increase the consume of wheat.


Eat lots of green vegetables and all kinds of seasonal vegetables.


You should eat sprouts like Moong Dal, Channa, Soyabean.


Take two eggs daily. It removes nutrition deficiency of body and makes you look healthy and fit.

Take Protein Shake

Drink protein shake. It is an easy way to gain weight.

Other Weight Gain Tips

There are various other weight gain tips that you should follow-

Eat in Intervals

Eat food in intervals. Make the habit of taking small meals. It will help you to gain weight. Eat in small quantity after every 1/2 hour. Don’t stay hungry for long time. Otherwise your health will go down.

Don’t Drink Before Food

Avoid drinking water before taking food. That will kill your hunger and make you to eat less.

Drink Jaljeera

If your appetite is not then drink Jaljeera before food. It will increase your appetite and let you eat more.

Do Yoga

Yoga helps in improving overall health. You can do pranayam and other breathing exercise. Don’t some running or jogging. It will increase your appetite and strength of body. Although take healthy diet after doing exercise.  You can also do muscle building exercise under the fitness trainer.




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