Fastest Way to Gain Weight for Skinny Men is Latest Way


You can find good descriptions of stretching & strength training exercises in several books, “Scrawny to Brawny” is one example. I bought that book & it could have been fit into a pamphlet, but it describes the exercises well.

You could look up information on your basal metabolic rate & caloric intake & lots of nifty formulas, but it’s not really important to adhere this as a process. In fact, I stimulate you to look up all the assertions I’ll be making to educate yourself & better understand why these techniques will work for skinny people. Don’t get my word for it.

Now I’m going to boil down the weight gaining process for you. It’s up to you to regularly work it into your life. Its effort, but you can do it.

Step 1 : Why You Have a Difficult Time Gaining Weight

If you’re skinny, like me, & you always have been, chances are you have a hard time gaining weight if you want to.

You’ve got a few things that stop you from gaining weight:

1. A fast metabolism. The only way to get around this burn-everything-you-eat metabolism is to eat more than your system has the capacity to burn.

2. Higher percentage endurance muscle fiber vs. power muscle fiber. There are two big types of muscle fibers. One is really good at aerobic exercise (if you’re me, you have a lot of this). The other is power fiber. Increasing body mass requires you to avoid endurance training as much as possible, especially through the first three weeks. You must lift weights to enhance your proportion of strength power fiber. Heavy weights.

3. Your body proportions make some exercises difficult to do, if not impractical, without injuring yourself. The normal overhead barbell press will hurt my back, for instance. This is because I have long arms, a short torso, & really long legs. I have to hold the barbell an unusual way than Ah-nold does. Avoiding injury will help you continue on the weight-gaining bandwagon.

2. A lack of knowledge. Previously, you didn’t know what the price actually was to increase weight. This instructable should square that away.

Step 2 : Eat Like a Horse.

Perhaps you’ve heard this phrase before “Eat like a Horse.” Do you be aware how extremely much a horse in reality eats? Give up?

While you won’t be measuring your food intake in pounds, you will need to eat several, many more calories than you are used to eating.

Here’s the point: Eat about 4000 calories a daytime.

The Calorie Counter is an excellent website to look up how many calories are in various foods.

It’s only healthy to lose or increase about 2.5 pounds a week, so if you find yourself gaining more than that cut back your daily food penetration rate by 500 calories & wait two weeks.

Once you reach your aim weight, cut back 500 calories every two weeks until your weight holds steady.

For me, all I have to do is eat my regular meals & an additional 1000 calorie intake as shake each night. If I do this, I gain about 2 lbs. for each week.

When you weigh yourself, do it at the same time every week, on the equal day. Say, 8pm every Sunday night. Make a ritual out of it & write down the weight on a calendar or record of some kind.

Step 3: Train for Strength

You’ll need to stop any endurance training to gain weight. Aerobic (endurance) exercise simply isn’t compatible for your goals. Your body will spend its power growing endurance muscle (i.e. wiry, skinny muscle) if you do low impact, long term exercises. You can maintain doing a little aerobic exercise (10-15 minutes 3 times a week) but during the first three weeks it would be best if you did none.

Preparation : If you currently don’t exercise at all, you’ll necessity at least two weeks of stretch training to prevent injury. Seriously, two weeks of harsh stretching exercises or you WILL pull a muscle & then your training will be delayed for weeks if not months. Do the stretches & prevent this problem. The stretching will also begin to situation your body & help balance out your physique prior to putting it under the crushing training to follow.

Exercise Type : Compound exercises that work multiple muscles at the same time, like pull-ups (especially pull-ups) are the best for us skinny type. When doing weight training, work with short sets & heavy weight. You want as important weight as you can stand for 5 to 10 reps, 3 sets. If you do low weight & lots of reps you’re doing aerobic exercise. Not the goal here. Every week enlarge the number of reps by two. Every 2 weeks increase the weight you lift by a few pounds until you can only do 5-8 reps. the extra weight your lift, the more muscle your body will have to grow. By gradually growing the weight you lift & supplying your body with necessary nutrients, your body shall reaction by gaining weight.

Frequency : Train for about an hour three or four times a week. Training extra than that will actually slow down your weight gain. Really. Eating 3500 calories

Will actually must be real harder than the exercise.

Step 4 : Eat Good Stuff

One of the toughest parts of gaining weight is the amount of money & time you will have to spend eating & counting calories. Believe me, 3500 calories a day does not come cheap. But some of the cheapest option are eggs & powdered protein weight gainer. Don’t go out & buy a bunch of this stuff. Just buy a small at a time.

Ever seen someone spend $1000 on exercise equipment, use it for two weeks & then let it collect dust in a corner? Yeah, me too. Don’t be that being. Just buy a little at a time & as you change your lifestyle to a new weight-gaining one, you’ll end up buying extra as you need it.

One small bottle of powdered whey protein (Sam’s Club has the best deals, then Wal-Mart) is a good start. Little bottle. Also, eat more green & colored vegetables. Broccoli is an actually good one.

You can eat a lot of rice (brown is better), whole grains (like cracked wheat), & eggs. Eat at least 6 eggs at a time. Tofu is an all right vegetarian substitute for protein but it costs quite a bit more.

In your weight gainer powder, you want quality protein. There are some “weight gainers” that are mostly sugar. I accidentally bought one. Lots & plenty of calories, but they were empty calories. Sugar is fine, but you need extra protein than anything else.

Step 5 : Final Notes
A quick review :

1. Eat 4000 calories a day, including lots of protein. Start by gradually growing your food intake. Use a little protein powder & eat eggs (tofu protein is a good veg option but costs a lot more).

2. Stop aerobic exercise for the first three weeks. Thereafter do no more than 15 minutes 3 times a week.

3. If you don’t already exercise regularly, prepare for strength training by doing stretch exercises for two weeks prior (20 min. 5 times a week). This will help prevent injury.

4. Strength train with compound exercises like pull-ups & very heavy weight. You shouldn’t be able to do more than 5-10 reps for 3 sets. Train for an hour three or four times a week. No more. Every two weeks increase the weight you lift a little.

5. Every two weeks you should gain about five pounds. If you are gaining more than that, drop your daily caloric intake by 500 calories & check again in two weeks.

6. Once you’ve reached your weight goal, you can cut back on your strength training to 30 min 3 times a week. Gradually decrease your daily caloric intake by 500 calories every two weeks until your weight holds steady. Keep monitoring your weight every two weeks. You can begin significant endurance training again at this point.

When exercising, it is essential that you use proper form. An injury will drastically slow down or stop your progress. Get an exercise book (with pictures) to learn proper form. “Scrawny to Brawny” has good illustrated descriptions, but I’m sure there are other good books as well.

Habit can be your friend in your weight gaining efforts. Eat at the same time & exercise at the same time if at all possible. Exercising in the morning is better than at night.

Hope this helps. I gained 5 pounds in two weeks before school finals hit & I fell off the bandwagon. It’s time for me to get back on & time for you to start. No, really.

Right now. Go buy some food: broccoli, peanut butter, rice, wheat cereal, eggs, & weight gainer. And, go check out an exercise book from the library.

You Can Do It!


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