Does Patients Alcohol Lead To Weight Gain?


Have you long been trying to get into shape by shedding off your excess body weight? If yes then it is of utmost consequence that you keep a close eye at your daily calorie intake. From morning tea to late night milk, nothing ought to be left out of your monitoring list.

But in reality, we often go amiss by excluding those extra calorie inputs that we have through our drinks. Be it fruit juices, smoothies, power drinks or alcoholic beverages, our calorie count goes highest with each & everything & if we be a bit extra precise, alcohol is the largest culprit, when it comes to managing the body weight. It goes behind so smoothly that you can’t even imagine how many additional calories you are taking in. Now you may have a question in your brain, can alcohol cause weight gain? Read through the follow to know the relation between alcohol & weight gain.

According to researchers, ‘moderate drinking’ (i.e. 2 drinks per day) has a few health profits in both males & females. But at the same time, it can severely affect your waistline. Hence, if you are a cocktail lover & trying to be slim n trim, then it is time for you to give your eating habit another consideration.

Does Alcohol cause Weight Gain?

Let us first have a look at how alcoholic drink can pack on the ‘kilos’ & leave you overweight :

1. Adds to the Calorie Content of the Body :

It is tough to know how many calories we are taking in through solid food items. But it is toughest to count up the calories that alcohol is pushing into our bodies. Each gram of this fat free natural compound contains around 7 units of calorie, while the equal amount of carbohydrate & protein contains only 4 units. If you include just two cans of beer in your daily diet, you will increase around 300 calories, which is enough to desecrate the difficult work of a 30-minutes workout session.

2. Results into Higher Cravings for Food :

Quite a few studies have proved the fact that alcoholic beverages, may be for a small time period, can increase the appetite to a big extent. When you don’t have drinking habit, you can take control over yourself & stay away from all tempting foods that can make you put on weight fast. It is difficult yet completely possible. But when you start consuming alcohol on a regular basis, it truly becomes improbable for you to steer clear from those fatty foods or sugary items.

3. Diverts from a Healthy Diet & Lifestyle :

Indulgence is another big disadvantage of regular alcohol consumption, which directly leads to weight gain. Once you start to drink, it becomes a license to indulge for you gradually. Alcohol has a deep negative effect on our willpower as well as self-control.

As a result, each & every effort that you need to take for losing weight, such as eating strong foods, exercising regularly, etc. seem to be not so vital to you now after a few pegs. Your food cravings become hence much important to you that you simply replace your weight loss diet with lots of drinks & fatty eatables. It exhausts the existing point of glucose in your bloodstream & leaves you with least energy in due course.

In a nutshell, alcohol can lead to considerable weight gain, directly or indirectly. Hence, it is your necessity to be extremely cautious while enjoying cocktails. Make sure that you stay in moderation every time you go for a drink.

But the problem is that remembrance of moderation vanishes with the engulfing pegs and so does the controls on pegs.


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