Chief Reasons for Weight Gain after Surgery


While most of us end up complaining about our weight gain, the tipping scales are a better concern for those who have recently had any kind of a surgery. There are many causes that can lead to sudden or eventual weight gain, but one major factor that plays a large role in upping your kilo count is a recent surgery.

Immediate weight gain after surgery is, in fact, more general than any other complication that might arise post-surgery. This weight increase often occurs in the follow up period. One of the largest examples of such a weight gain is post-pregnancy weight increase, in cases where the delivery occurs with the help of a C-section. In such cases, about 80% of women suffer from significant weight increase after pregnancy. Other than such complex surgeries, furthermore minor surgeries like tonsillectomy can lead to weight gain.

Main Problems Leading to Weight Gain after Surgery: 1. Fluid Retention :

One major cause of weight gain is fluid retention in the body after surgery. The medical period for such retainer is edema. Water is retained in the interstitial space in your body – the spaces between your organs. This leads to weight gain & the typical post-surgery bloated look. The fluid retention may be localized; for example, some patients have swollen feet & hands. It may be generalized too, which results in an overall plumper appearance.

2. Trauma :

During surgery, the body tissues undergo a lot of trauma. This causes swelling, which leads to fluid retention as well. If the surgery was due to little accident, the chances of fluid retention are even highest. So the minimally invasive surgeries are less likely to cause weight gain because lesser trauma is inflicted on the body.

3. Stress :

Stress triggers a plethora of hormonal imbalances in the body, which are responsible for excessive liquid retention. Surgery related stress results in high levels of anti-diuretic hormone, or ADH, which makes the kidneys preserve the body’s water. This leads to unseemly weight grow too. Apart from that, after surgery, the patient has a mix of medicine raging through their systems to deal with post-surgery complications. The liquid shifts caused by these intravenous drugs can also cause water retention.

4. Stagnation :

After surgery, patients are most likely to do very little work or physical action. This is counterproductive to the patients’ health because it leads to weight grow. Once the recovery period is over, patients are oftentimes encouraged by their doctors to do some mild exercises that will ward off excess weight & also fight off post-surgery depression.

5. Comfort Food :

This is another vice that most patients fall victim to. After all you have been through, it might seem like there is no better time to pamper yourself a little. This comfort food factor is what reasons weight gain after surgery. The post-surgery blues are other causes patients grow overindulgent with comfort foods & end up regretting those extra calories later.


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