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In the world of health and fitness, we hear about people wanting to lose weight much more often than we hear about people trying to gain weight. But, there are large numbers of people who want or need to gain some weight, for one reason or another. For these people, becoming healthier requires packing on a few pounds, or their personal goals drive them to gain more mass and muscle. However, it’s not as simple as just eating a bunch of donuts and ice cream, as one might think!

There are a variety of reasons why one might need to gain weight. Maybe you’re an athlete who wants to bulk up, gaining both muscle and mass at once. Maybe you’re struggling with anorexia or another eating disorder. Or maybe you’re just a skinny person who wants to gain a bit more self-confidence and strength. Regardless of your reasons, there are good and bad ways to go about the weight gain process.

Luckily, there are things you can do to help you gain weight in a healthy way. Yes, you could eat a dozen donuts for breakfast every day, but you’ll end up creating more problems than you solve that way. A better approach is to use a good diet, combined with some good supplements for weight gain. In this guide, we’ll go over all of the best weight gain supplements, explaining what they are, what they do, and how they can benefit you. Let’s dive right in!

How Can Supplements Help You Gain Weight?

There are a variety of supplements that can help you gain weight. The best supplements for weight gain will help you gain mass in a healthy, controlled way. We’ll go over the top weight gain supplements below, explaining how each works and the pros and cons they offer. But for now, let’s look at a general overview of some of the ways that these products can help you gain weight:

  • Provides large amounts of micro and macro nutrients
  • Convenient and quick to use
  • Provides a lot of calories/nutrients in a small package
  • Helps prevent nutrient deficiencies that can cause weight loss
  • Improves the body’s ability to retain muscle mass
  • Helps you gain weight in a healthy manner
  • Helps you stick to your exercise plan
  • Stimulates muscle growth and mass gains
  • Supports the immune system, allowing you to stay on track with your diet and exercise
  • Supports overall health

Each product offers different benefits, with some aiming to provide calories and nutrients to help you gain weight, and others aiming to fix a problem (such as a nutrient deficiency) that’s preventing you from gaining weight normally.

Why Should You Take Supplements for Weight Gain?

There are a variety of reasons why one would want to gain weight. Athletes may need to gain weight to enter the weight class they want to be in. Bodybuilders might need to use supplements to break through mass plateaus that they are struggling to breach. And some folks may just be skinnier than they’d like to be. Here are some of the reasons you might want to consider using effective supplements for weight gain:

You are an Athlete – if you are an athlete, there are several reasons why you may want to gain weight. For folks involved in competitive sports, more mass can often translate to more power and potentially better performance. Take football, for example – you can’t expect to do very well as a 150lb man playing against a bunch of 220+ lb people! Competitive athletes can benefit from good weight gain supplements because these products can help them gain weight in a healthy way.

You are a Bodybuilder – if you’re a bodybuilder, the reasons for wanting to gain mass are pretty obvious: you want to get bigger! While bodybuilding is of course most concerned with the building of muscles, it also requires you to put on significant mass. Strong supplements for weight gain can help bodybuilders achieve their goal weight, pack on more muscle mass, and perform better at the gym.

You Have a Health Condition – some people struggle with health conditions which make it difficult for them to gain weight or maintain a healthy weight. If you’re struggling with an eating disorder, or another serious medical condition, you should absolutely speak with a doctor immediately. Some of these supplements may still be beneficial for you, but you’ll need to seek the advice of a medical professional before beginning to take any sort of supplement.

You Need to Gain Weight – if for whatever reason you need to gain weight, doing so with the help of supplements can be much easier than through diet alone. Many of the best weight gain supplements can help you by fixing nutritional deficiencies, providing healthy high-calorie snacks, and by improving your overall health.


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